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U-CLASS for Student Voices

U-CLaSS stands for Undergraduate Chat, Learn, and Share Space. The primary aim of U-CLaSS is for instructors and students to come together to talk about solutions and future action steps that can help to improve instructor-student relations at UW-Madison by creating a shared space for students and instructors to engage in pedagogical discussion about, and to facilitate undergraduate research in, teaching and learning.

U-CLaSS chats are designed to give students the opportunity to talk with instructors about common issues, challenges and possibilities in teaching and learning. Chadbourne Residential CollegeWorking with Chadbourne Residential College (CRC) and the Center for the First Year Experience, the Teaching Academy seeks to facilitate discussions surrounding how to encourage effective and meaningful instructor-student interaction in and beyond the classroom. Development of U-CLaSS is facilitated by CRC student peer mentors, with instructors playing a listening role. Students are encouraged to share their thoughts on what good student-instructor interaction looks like, what enables it, and what hurdles or barriers exist. Peer mentors are also invited to join PFoT to sit in and provide feedback from a student perspective, as well as serve as panel participants at Teaching Academy events and the LEaP programs.

Academy members central to U-CLaSS programming include: Jamie Henke, John Zumbrunnen, David Baum, Claire Berezowitz, Chrissy Widmayer, John Pfotenhauer, Casey Gallimore, Carolyn Liesen, and Naomi Salmon, Adrian Treves, and Morton Gernsbacher.


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