Member+ Event: A Campus Conversation on ChatGPT in Teaching & Learning (Fri Feb 24 • 2pm)

Now with space for 500! Bring a friend!

OPEN TO ALL! Please register 

  • What opportunities does ChatGPT present to instructors?
  • How can we harness it instead of fearing it?
  • How might it change teaching and learning in higher education? 

The UW-Madison Teaching Academy invites you to a free campus conversation on ChatGPT in Teaching and Learning on Friday, February 24th, 2-3pm. It’s open to all! Academy members, please invite interested colleagues to join us. Here’s a ChatGPT in T&L event flyer to pass around and post.

Got a lot of interest? Don’t worry! — the Zoom room will open at 1:45pm and stay open after 3pm for optional conversations, socializing, and resource sharing. Please register so we can better prepare. Join Zoom Meeting.

Send questions about ChatGPT and your most interesting and/or impressive Teaching and Learning related ChatGPT prompt and result to


ChatGPT server status as explained by a pirate: Explain the status of ChatGPT as a pirate.Ahoy mateys! We be havin' a lot of scurvy dogs checkin' out ChatGPT right now, and we be doin' our best to make sure every landlubber gets a chance to give it a try. We be sorry for any inconvenience this be causin', but we promise it'll be worth the wait. Hang tight, and check back soon, ye swashbucklin' scallywags! We be eager to see what ye think of our chatbot. Arrr!
ChatGPT servers have been getting overwhelmed as people look into it.


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2 thoughts on “Member+ Event: A Campus Conversation on ChatGPT in Teaching & Learning (Fri Feb 24 • 2pm)”

  1. I’m an emeritus faculty member but continue to be interested in the use of technology in teaching. I thought my best work as a teacher was to give students take-home exams that required literature research and critical problem-solving, I occasionally received notes from students thanking me for “teaching them how to think.” There are clearly some ways in which technology can provide support for students working on such exercises, but ChatGPT appears to be the enemy of that sort of teaching. I look forward to learning how teachers are facing the problems presented by AI.

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