Spring 2022 Affiliates

Congratulations to the 38 new Teaching Academy Affiliates who joined us in Spring 2022!

  1. Maryam Ahmadi, Communication Arts
  2. Oluwayinka Arawomo, English
  3. Yaa Asantewaa Klu, Food Science
  4. Kyle Bartholomew, School of Veterinary Medicine
  5. Leslie Bellais, History
  6. Kristin Bevil, Department of Anesthesiology
  7. Liza Chang, Cals Academic Affairs Office
  8. Jessica Coburn, School of Nursing
  9. Grayson Doss, Surgical Sciences
  10. Madeline Fisher, Life Sciences Communication
  11. Theresa Fishler, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work
  12. John Giblin, Spanish and Portuguese
  13. John Gubner, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  14. April Hall, Department of Pediatrics
  15. Emily Hamm, Counseling Psychology
  16. Anthony Hernandez, WCER
  17. Leslie Holland, Plant Pathology
  18. Billy Jackson, Mathematics
  19. Sin Yin Lim, Pharmacy
  20. Melissa Lindsey, Mathematics
  21. Laura Livingston Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
  22. Anthony Lizarraga, Educational Policy Studies
  23. Rachel Maina, African Cultural Studies
  24. Morgan Mayer-Jochimsen, Educational Policy Studies
  25. Megan Mcdermott, Law School
  26. Mollie Mcquillan, ELPA
  27. Scott Mobley, Political Science
  28. Jean Paul Habumugisha, Chemistry
  29. Leah Rineck, Mathematics
  30. Beth Rosen, School of Pharmacy
  31. Stacy Schmitt, School of Nursing
  32. Mariam Sedighi, Educational Policy Studies
  33. Melissa Sheedy, German, Nordic, and Slavic
  34. Shiqi Shen, Civil Society and Community Studies
  35. Devika Suri, Nutritional Sciences
  36. Emma Wathen, Department of History
  37. Elise Whatley, Philosophy
  38. James Windsor, Wisconsin School of Business – Marketing Department

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